Fighting Belts and Harness
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Fighting Belts & Harness

Dennis Braid

BRAID PRODUCTS, INC., of Palmdale, California announces the introduction of a new rod belt design for 2000. Known as the industry innovator for mold injected rod belt design, BRAID developed the BAJA rod belt to address the needs of the novice angler while bringing a modified design to the seasoned angler in their successful PRO MANTA styled belt. The new design incorporates a molded receiver cup that hinges and pivots on the gimbal pin for vertical up an down movement for pumping or "stroking" the fish to the boat. The receiver cup itself has a horizontal elongated open configuration for handling the left or right directional changes of fast moving pelagic's. The receiver cup will enable novice anglers to keep the rod butt positioned more easily and comfortably. Seasoned anglers will find the advantages of a pivoting receiver a welcome addition. The BAJA belt utilizes a fully adjustable, oversized 2" nylon waist belt with velcro closure and quick disconnect buckle that accommodates a large range of waist sizes up to 56 inches. Also included is a BRAID single pouch pliers or cutters sheath. With a line class rating of 60 pounds, the BAJA belt delivers an exceptional value in a rugged and dependable design that stands up to the demands of those wide open bites and fast action days.
PRICE $88.00 each.

Braid Pro-Manta Harness
Braid's Pro-Manta Harness, ideal for battling mid-size game fish, is made of high quality materials and is welded stainless "D" rings to accomondate drop straps. Item #30500
PRICE $79.00 each
Braid Marlin Harness
Braid's Marlin Harness is just the ticket to help remedy the fatigue that sets in while fighting long battles on light tackle. Padded for extra comfort, the Marlin Harness is made up of lightweight nylon materials and accommodates drop straps for attaching Braid fighting belts. Item #30700
PRICE $60.00 each.

BRAID #30170 Dolphin Belt™
( without gimbal pin )

BRAID #30200 Pro Manta Belt™

Standard Fighting Harness 
(28 to 36 in. waist)
Image of Tsunami Fighting Belt
TSUNAMI Super Padded Fighting Belt
Just Like the Braid Fighting Belts "Pro Manta" "Tuna Power Play" "Buster" and "Baja". This Large Tsunami offshore tackle: The new super padded fighting belt. This belt is the perfect size for fighting; big bluefish, dolphin, cod, tuna, marlin, grouper, sailfish. Larger than the other belts, but provides more protection and comfort. Includes oval notched rod cup with Stainless Steel removable gimbal pin, size is 16" x 10" quick on/off 2" wide 22" to 50" velcro nylon belt. Thick oversized groin pad, super comfort. PRICE $30.00 each.

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