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Miscellaneous Fishing Gear

KORKERS - Simply the best sport and safety sandal made! The best slip-resistant sandal available. The Korkers 5000 series fits easily over any shoe or boot. Threaded replaceable carbide spikes hang up in the little nicks and cracks in the rock surfaces. The spikes cut through moss, slime, mud and slick wood to make walking safer and easier while fishing even in the most extreme conditions.
Features include:
  • Sidewall construction for secure boot attachment
  • Threaded receptacles for easy spike replacement
  • Heavy-duty buckle and strap attachment
  • All components are replaceable for maximum durability
  • Available in M, L and XL sizes
  • Price: $66.00 each pair




    Korker Company has the high quality studded sandals to get the job done. They work great surf fishing on rocks and stream fishing for trout. The Korkers 1000 series fits easily over any shoe or boot.
    No Need to Spend $12.00 for 12 BloodWorms and end up not using them all.
    BUY 1 bag of FishBites for $7.00 Cuts into 130 Baits for Kingfish, Stripers, Flounder, Fluke, Crokers, Weekfish and more.
    Use them over and over again never go bad or smell.
    No ice need just throw them in you tackle Box always ready to fish.
    Fishbites Bloodworm Baits

    FishBites Bloodworm Baits work Better Than Live Bloodworms and stay on the hook forever no need to reel in and check to see if you still have bait on, no wasted time. Carr Specialty Baits began analyzing and testing Bloodworm prototype baits in June of 2004. We knew this was going to be a major undertaking because we are based in FL and anglers in FL do not use Bloodworms. Fortunately we found some willing bait testers in VA and our testing began in earnest within Chesapeake Bay and other VA waterways. The bait testers themselves are a scattered team of bait shop owners, charter fishermen and some local recreational anglers. Considering that these types of people will be our customer base, who better to test the products.

    "After getting a report of citations size spot just north of Smith Point from Capt Ryan Rogers (Midnight Sun) from this morning fishing charter. I agreed to leave Chesapeake at 2pm and drive two hours to Smith Point Marina area to go fishing with Ronnie Bray, and Fred Jett. With a couple dozens bloodworms and some proto type Fish Bites for trial period. We quickly located and caught the good size spot’s on both the Fish Bites (blood worm #1and #2) and regular bloodworms. There seem to be little difference in what the fish like the best. We had several doubles on the fish bites and as well as regular bloodworms. Fred caught a 17 oz spot on regular bloodworms and I caught my 17 oz spot on fish bite scent (Blood worm #2) the total time fishing was 2 hours and 15 minutes. Total fish was 2 citations spot, 42 keeper Spot, 2 Croaker and 1 Grey trout, 5 Grey Trout throwbacks." - Posted on tidalfish.com Aug-2004

    What can you look forward to with a Fishbites Bloodworm flavored bait other than effectiveness? Consistency and Convenience. Every Fishbites Bloodworm bait will be the same size, same color and same thickness and, more importantly, the same price year round. Fishbites Bloodworm baits will not require any special storage while you fish and you can simply keep them in your tackle box between trips. They will NOT be perishable. With each cut piece of Fishbites, you should expect to catch several or more fish or last many many casts while you're trying to find 'em.
    In all we have tested - and are continuing to test about 5 or 6 different formulations in various areas.This testing will continue until the fishing season is completely shut down by cold weather. We are hopeful by then that we will be able to whittle the Bloodworm flavored baits down to one or more forms by January 2005.
    Pictured below are the prototypes we've been testing. These 5 bait strips (worms) will give an angler between 86 to 130 useable baits if cut between 1/4" - 3/8". We will recommend using a #4 to #6 size hook because anything smaller may not sufficiently grab the binding mesh and the hook may slip through when bitten.

    What is Fishbites-Pro?
    FISHBITES NEW BAITS in Clam, Shrimp, and Crab.
    Cut Your Own Stripes for Flounder, Fluke, Stripers, Drum, Kingfish, Crokers, Bluefish, and Sea Trout Weekfish.
    Fishbites-Pro is an uncut sheet of Fishbites and is being released due to growing demand from anglers everywhere who like creating their own rigs. Everything about Fishbites - Pro is identical to our current line of cut baits (Fish’n Strips®, Fish’n Frenzy® , Fish’n Tails® & Fish’n Chunks®) except that these sheets allow the angler to cut their Fishbites into almost any size or shape they desire...large or small! To cut Fishbites-Pro, all you need is a sharp pair of scissors, game shears or meat shears. The rest is up to your imagination. As for storage, just cut off however many pieces you think you'll need and leave the rest of the sheet at home in the fridge. Don't worry, Fishbites won't skunk it up. You can also simply take the sheets with you and cut 'em, hook 'em and cast 'em as you see fit.
    Fishbites-Pro Inshore/Nearshore:
    Like our other inshore baits (Fish’n Strips® & Fish’n Tails® ) this sheet is completely biodegradable, and tough as nails. It's design virtually guarantees that it won't get thrown off the hook - even with the most powerful cast. More importantly, Fishbites-Pro Inshore/Nearshore also uses the same same highly amplified stimulants that our other inshore baits use... stimulants that are more potent than our offshore baits. Yet, like all of our products, Fishbites Pro Inshore will have an incredibly "flesh-like" feel. A single sheet of Fishbites-Pro Inshore/Nearshore provides more bait material than 3 packs of Fish’n Strips®
    Fishbites-Pro Inshore / Nearshore $16.83  
    Available Flavor/Scents are Clam, Classic Shrimp & Crab
    Flesh Flesh
    Solar Flare Solar Flare (yellow) 
    Lime Electric Lime (chartreuse)
    Salmon-ade Salmon-ade (pink)
    Orange Orange
  • Use:
  • - Hold, Remove the Hook, Weigh and Measure the Fish. Now available in 2 weight ranges
  • Length: - 10" (240.0 mm)
  • Width: - 2" (40.0 mm)
  • Height: - 2-1/4" (55.0 mm)
  • Net Weight: - 2 lbs (400 grams)
  • Use: - Hold the fish
  • Material: - 304 stainless steel stamped and polished plate
  • Weighing: - Built in kg/lbs scale: 2 choices available.
    0-26 pounds
    0-60 pounds
  • Measuring: - Built in cm/inch tape ruler: 0-36 inches
  • Price: -
    Scale 0-26 lbs: $39.00 Each
    Scale 0-60 lbs: $49.00 Each
  • Views: 1. Fish Gripper 2. Jaws Open 3. Side View 4. Case
  • Preparing the triggering device: Put the cord around your wrist and adjust it lightly, hold the Fish grabber by the handle and pull the triggering grasp towards the handle. The claws will open automatically and will be ready for the next action.
  • Triggering: Put the tip of the claw inside the mouth of the fish, in the tissue covering the dental bone of the lower maxilla. Press the "Press" button and the claws will close automatically, holding the fish.
  • Removing the hook: Using the Fish grabber, you can remove the hook without touching the fish. Be careful so as not to injure it.
  • Measuring: Put the tip of the tape on the fish's mouth and extend the tape to the fishtail. Read the length in centimeters or in inches.
  • Weighing: Hold the Fish grabber by the handle, unlock the "Scale Lock", by turning it 2.5 times. The handle will be loose. Read the fish's weight in kilograms or in pounds.
  • Use: Hold, Remove the Hook, Weigh and Measure the Fish.
  • Operation: Put the top claw inside the fish's maxilla and "Press" the trigger.
  • PIRANHA™ Fish Gripper

    New to the Market of High Quality Fish Gripping Devices is the Piranha. A Fish Gripper to the Lower Jaw with a 26 Pound Scale included. Reduced Price Due to some changes in the above model: Aluminum Material for the Claw, Plated Brass Finish, Spring Loaded Claw with no locking device or tape measure. All these changes to the new Piranha Fish Gripper make it more Affordable. Also this fish gripper holds fish Safely when removing the hook for a safe release.
    PRICE $19.00 EACH.

    Distributors Price Available to Tackle Stores Across America on the Tucunare and New Piranha Models call or E-Mail for price Quote.

    DigitalDagger Slashes Prices to the Bone
    to bring you quality products
    at lowest prices / quick delivery.

    Automatic Tire Deflator
    PRICE KIT $60.00

    Ready to take your 4wd on the beach for some surf fishing? Try the
    Oasis Product Tire Buddy. TrailHead Beats all the Rest in Preformance.

    1. Turn adjusting screw with a 5/32” allen wrench counter clockwise until it is even with the end of the body tube. This will set pressure at the lowest end of the adjustment range. Every complete turn clockwise will increase pressure approximately 1.5psi for the 5-20psi range, and 3psi for the 15-40psi range.
    2. Turn the adjustment screw clockwise the desired number of turns and follow “OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS”.
    3. If tires have not deflated to the proper value, make minor adjustments to the adjustment screw, re-inflate and re-test. Some experimentation may be necessary to find the exact setpoint. This process goes quickly if a small spare tire (i.e. wheel barrel tire, ATV tire, etc.)is for use during the adjustment process.
    NOTE: In order for deflators to reliably begin operation, tires must be inflated to a pressure approximately twice the setpoint, e.g.: If the deflators are set to shut off at 10 psi, tires must be inflated to approximately 20 psi or greater.
    1. Remove valve caps and replace with one tire deflator on each tire.
    2. Wait until deflators are finished deflating and remove them from the valve stems.
    3. Check pressure and make any adjustments to tire pressure or deflators setpoint as necessary.
    A WORD ABOUT ACCURACY: Consistency is more important than accuracy. Usually it is more important to have both tires on a given axle deflated to the same pressure than to be exactly at the setpoint. Be sure to make every measurement the same way, every time.
    1. Remove adjustment screw & spring while noting the number of turns the adjustment screw was inserted. Remove ball valve by blowing air into the knurled end of the deflator. Keep one hand over the open end to catch the ball and prevent loss. Make every effort to keep the components of each deflator together for reassembly later.
    2. Thoroughly clean inside the deflator’s bore with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol, then compressed air. Clean all components with rubbing alcohol and compressed air.
    3. Apply a fine coating of a high quality, heavy silicone or teflongrease or Vaseline, or a similar lubricant to each ball valve.
    4. Insert the stem of the ball valve into one end of the spring and slide this assembly into the deflator, ball end first.
    5. Install adjustment screw (the same number of turns before it was disassembled).


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