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Twist Buster (TM) is Daiwa's exclusive and innovative system which will dramatically reduce line twist problems on spinning reels. With ordinary spinning reels there have always been problems with line twist caused from line retrieval. Twist Buster (TM): Patent Pending. Twist Buster

  1. Line Twist Caused From Line Retrieval
    There are many ways to get line twist such as fishing technique, type of rod, line, lures, etc. Line can also become twisted from a fish pulling out line against the drag. These are known ways to get line twist. However, the number one way for line to become twisted is when the line is being retrieved and the "new" Twist Buster System dramatically reduces line twist caused from line retrieval.
  2. Test Data
    Test data in comparing ordinary spinning reels to the Twist Buster System was done by simulating fishing conditions under Daiwa's standards, i.e. bait fishing, lure fishing and surf. Ratio of reduced line twist may vary with type of fishing and fishing conditions, and can be as high as 90%.
Your Line is Twisted
Let's talk about line twisting. Most of line twisting on a spinning reel is caused by rotor rotation when rolling up the line which is wound into the line roller. As a result, nesting (hair ball) and line entangling to the guide or rod tip, declining of a casting distance, breaking of a line, and other numerous problems occur. This is because the line itself would end up rotating on top of the line roller when the line travels on the device. Another cause is the fact that the rotor's rotation would twist the line with it.

[Twisted Line]
[UnTwisted Line]
Spin Fishing Will Be Completely Changed With This Sytem!
A spinning reel's inevitable consequence - line twisting. This annoying problem, which has been the source of troubles for every angler, has been though unsolvable, until now. However, we at Daiwa have been trying during the last seven years. And finally, we came up with the spinning reel which will dramatically reduce line twist problems.

Spooling New Line
Recommendations for spooling on new line to achieve optimum performance of the Twist Buster System.
Correct Way:
bullet Hold the base of the rod and put a line through a stripping (butt) guide
bullet When a new line is used, stand the spool like in the picture, and roll up the line giving moderate tension
bullet Tighten the drag firmly to make sure it won't slip when rolling the line
[Right Way]
Wrong Way:
[Wrong Way]

Find out how Twist Buster works!

How Twist Buster (TM) Works
The T.B. line roller has a special collar, and it is so designed that a line always travels a certain place at a right angle to the roller pivot. As shown with dotted lines in Fig. 1, it is also important to place the roller pivot in a slightly leaning position. The T.B. line roller, with the special collar and the leaning roller pivot, will lead a line even if it tries to travel the pivot aslant like Fig. 2 and 3.
[Fig. 1]

In addition, the T.B. line roller has a special taper. With the use of this taper, twisting of the outer line which is caused by rotor rotation can be greatly reduced giving the opposite rotation of the rotor rotation to the line when rolling up the line. An outer line is the portion of a fishing line beyond the point of contact with the line roller.
[Fig. 4]
Twisting By Rotor Rotation
With the use of a special taper, twisting of the outer line will be greatly reduced by giving the opposite rotation of the rotor rotation when rolling up the line.
Fig. 4 includes rough pictures of a reel looking from the front side of a spool. In order for easy understanding of the conditions of line twisting, marks are also shown.