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Line & Leader

Seaguar Leader in 25 and 100 yard spools. Super strong, invisible Fluorocarbon. Priced to sell.
25 yd. Spools 100 yd. Spools
Test Price Test Price
8-10-12-15 $10.00 20
20-25 $11.00 25 $31.00
30 $16.00 30 $38.00
40 $18.00 40 $45.00
50 $20.00 50 $57.00
60 $22.00 60 $65.00
80 $27.00 80 $76.00

Premium Monofilament Fishing Line in 4 colors.

1/4lb spools: 10-12-15-20-25-30-40-50-60-80-100-125 test. PRICE: $9.99 each spool. Can ship more than one in a box and save on shipping. Please add $5.40 for USPS 2 day priority,

1lb spools: 10-12-15-20-25-30-40-50-60-80-100-125 clear. 10-12-15-20-25-30-40-50 pink. PRICE: $30.00 each spool. Please add $6.45 per spool for USPS 2 day priority.
USPS Tracking  available on digitaldagger web site front page.
Ande® Tournament Monofilament Line.
1/4 lb. Spools (Green Only). Great line in 10-12-16-20-30 test.
PRICE $16.00 each spool.
1 lb. Spools (Green Only). Super fishing line in 12-16-20-30-50 test.
PRICE $51.00 each spool.
Ande® Fluorocarbon Leader

100% Fluorocarbon Made in Japan like Seaguar Leader Material. Great Knot Tying, Strength, abrasion resistance, low stretch, and totally Invisible. The "Line of Champions" now introduces its premium Fluorocarbon Leader Material. Ande's low-visibility fluorocarbon now gives any fisherman a tremendous edge in his or her never-ending battle with their prey under the water. Utilizing the same standards Ande requires for their monofilament, this leader material will be all that you need to complete your outfit and make you ready for that possible world record fish!

Ande Fluorocarbon Leader Made in Japan As Good as Seaguar if not better.
Price for 50 yard spools:
10 test $8.00 12 test $9.00 15 test $10.00 20 test $13.00 25 test $16.00 30 test $18.00
40 test $20.00 50 test 25.00 60 test $28.00 80 test $49.00 100 test $52.00
120 test $64.00 150 test $85.00

New Sufix Lo Vis Green Advanced SuperLine
New Sufix Lo Vis Green Advanced SuperLine
Marked Best of All Braided Fishing Lines.

Sufix 832 Advanced Superline™ is the strongest, most durable small diameter braid on the market. R8 Precision Braiding and fiber technology provides superior strength, roundness and line consistency. Constructed of 8 fibers (7 Dyneema® plus 1 GORE® Performance Fiber) and 32 weaves (pics) per inch. GORE® Performance Fibers improve abrasion resistance, increase casting distance & accuracy and reduce line vibration. Dyneema® fibers provide high strength & sensitivity, hydrophobic water-repellent protection and small diameter
Color: Green
Spool Size: See Below
Price for 300 yard spools: (Yards / Test lb. / Price) Braided
300-20 $32.00 300-30 $32.00 300-40 $32.00 300-50 $32.00 300-65 $36.00 300-80 $36.00
Price for 600 yard spools: (Yards / Test lb. / Price) Braided
600-20 $59.00 600-30 $59.00 600-40 $59.00 600-50 $59.00 600-65 $63.00 600-80 $63.00

New Sufix Braid Line Super Baided Line
Color: Green
Spool Size: See Below
Price for 300 yard spools: (Yards / Test / Price) Braided
300-6 $29.00 300-10 $29.00 300-20 $29.00 300-30 $29.00 300-50 $35.00 300-65 $35.00 300-80 $38.00
Price for 1200 yard spools: (Yards / Test / Price) Braided
1200-20 $99.00 1200-30 $99.00 1200-50 $120.00 1200-65 $120.00 1200-80 $130.00 1200-100 $155.00 1200-130 $175.00

NEW Power Pro Super 8 Slick Fishing Line.
Braided In 4 Colors Aqua Green, Marine Blue, Timber Brown, Yellow.
Power Pro Line The line has been designed in camouflage colours to meet the needs of the freshwater market, and in special colours for the inshore/offshore sector.
Super Slick 8 is constructed with eight-yarn Honeywell Spectra fibre, braided under high tension to provide specific features that will appeal to more advanced anglers.
“Its silky smooth surface offers not only exceptional castability from reduced friction and better line management, but it is also very silent as it passes over the rod guides,” explained PowerPro product manager Ted Sakai.
For freshwater bass, the line is available in aqua green for stealthy presentation in soft cover, and also comes in timber brown for fishing in hard cover.
For saltwater, where castability and high or low vis colors are needed in stained water, anglers can choose marine blue, high-vis yellow or timber brown. For clear water they have the option of high vis yellow, aqua green and marine blue.
Color: Aqua Green, Marine Blue, Timber Brown, Yellow
Lb. Test Spool Size (Approx. Yardage)
Test Eq. Dia Price
150 yds.
300 yds.
1500 yds.
20 lb
6 lb
30 lb
8 lb
40 lb
10 lb
50 lb 12 lb $24.00 $39.00 $134.00
65 lb 16 lb $25.00 $42.00 $140.00
80 lb 18 lb $26.00 $45.00 $145.00

Power Pro Braided Fishing Line. 10X stronger than Steel. Micro Filament Spectra.
Power Pro Line Will not cut guides: Smooth casting: Super strong: Ultra sensitive: Cuts through the air for long casting. Cuts through the water. No false hits. Zero stretch. Rocks and coral will not cut this line. The best line for surf fishing, deep sea fishing, trolling.
Color: GREEN --- RED --- YELLOW --- WHITE. COLORS in Sock Power Pro Line
Line strengths: Range from a 10 lb test line with 2-lb test monofilament diameter to a 150 lb test line with 30 lb test monofilament diameter.
Priced to sell.
Lb. Test Spool Size (Approx. Yardage)
Test Eq. Dia Price
150 yds.
300 yds.
500 yds.
1500 yds.
8 lb NEW
1 lb
10 lb
2 lb
15 lb
4 lb
20 lb 6 lb $15.00 $25.00 $38.00 $95.00
30 lb 8 lb $15.00 $25.00 $38.00 $95.00
40 lb NEW 10 lb $15.00 $25.00 $38.00 $95.00
50 lb 12 lb $15.00 $25.00 $38.00 $95.00
65 lb 16 lb $17.00 $29.00 $44.00 $107.00
80 lb 18 lb $32.00 $55.00 $120.00
150 lb 30 lb

Advantages and Disadvantages of using the New Braided Lines.
IE Power Pro and Spiderwire Stealth

1. Advantage Lower Cost over Time. If you buy a new spool of mono line every year at $10.00 per spool, times 5 years equals $50.00. Buying 1 spool of the New Braided Line $25.00 has Lasted 5 years you save $25.00.
2. Advantage No Memory in this Line even over a 5 year period.
3. Advantage Longer Casting Distance with Spinning or Casting Reels. the new braided line has the strength Higher than the diameter (20 test STRENGTH the line size of 6 mono), smaller diameter lines cut through the air with less resistance for longer casting distance.
4. Advantage Use lighter weights and Lures to achieve the same goal. The new Braided lines also cut through the water with less resistance due to its size.
5. Advantage Extend the life of the new braided lines buy rotating the line onto a spare spool or other empty reel. the line thats at the bottom of your reel spool never will see the light of day and is like new in color and strength. by rotating the line off one reel spool and on to another reel spool will extend the life of your braided lines.
6. Advantage Zero Stretch Feel even the smallest hits and bumps with the new braided lines. do not need to set the hook by pulling the rod back and removing the stretch out of mono lines, if you do this with the braided line you will just pull the bait or lure out of the mouth of the fish. just start reeling when you can.
7. Advantage abrasion resistance number one. Very hard to cut this line cleanly, most often the line frays. works well around rocks, jetties, snags, coral, and wrecks, but need to have a leader to part when hung up on a structure. (((Never grab the line with you hands)))). Wrap the line around a small piece of broom handle to break the leader. The Rod and Reel will Fail before the line parts.
8. Advantage use Smaller fishing reels and accomplish the same goal. Remember the new braided line are in test 10-15-20-30-50-65-80 but are in the size of 2-4-6-8-12-16-17 test so much more line can be add to a smaller reel capacity.
9. Disadvantage This new braided line is so thin yet so strong that you need to have extra care when snagged on the bottom or casting weights or lures over 1/2oz. Just tying knots with your bare hands this line can cut your skin, casting heavy weights and lures your index finger (spinning reels) or thumb (casting reels) can be cut very deeply. use protection on fingers and thumbs, a small piece of bicycle tube or 2" duct tape works for me.


Palomar Knot

Reverse Albright Knot

Uni Knot

Uni to Uni Splice

Albright Knot

Lock Knot

Trilene Big Game®Fighting Power for Tough Fighting Fish

Trilene Big Game Line in one pound spools.
Check Resistant.
Extra Tough.
Super strong ultra clear.
In 10-15-20-30-50-60-80 pound test.
Priced to sell.
Price:$25.00 each. 
Photo: BGQS30-15
Trilene Big Game®Fighting Power for Tough Fighting Fish
 When things get wild, like when there's a bluefin tuna the size of a Volkswagon® at the end of your line, you need a line with the strength and toughness to meet any challenge. Trilene Big game has the muscle and shock strength to handle even the worst punishment. It features an abrasion resistant formula that runs through the guides with less friction, but has the power to handle big fish in saltwater marathons. In key tensile strength tests, Trilene Big Game outperforms both Ande® and Maxima®.
1/4 LB SPOOLS IN 10-12-15-20-25-30-40-50 CLEAR. PRICE: $8.00 EACH

Spiderwire® Stealth™ Braided Fishing Line

Spiderwire Stealth flows smoothly and quietly off the reel spool and shoots through the rod guides like a bullet for long, accurate casts. The secret to Stealth is its ultra thin, tight weave construction and Teflon® pressure-treated micro fibers. Unlike the 50-year old technology of wax coating braided lines, the Teflon treatment process used in Stealth permeates the entire braid and won't wear off. The line maintains its reliable round cross-section cast after cast.

Stealth fishes like a monofilament line. It won't "dig in" to the reel spool, cut rod guides or destroy reel guide parts. With Stealth, there are no more worries about whip-knotting or low knot strength. And backlash frustrations fly out the window.

Stealth has exceptional knot performance, but for best results a Palomar knot is recommended. In addition, anglers are urged to lay down a monofilament backing (such as Spiderwire Super Mono XXX) on reel spools before loading Stealth to prevent line slippage on the reel spool. Use a Uni knot to join the monofilament to Stealth. Reel spools should not be overfilled and because of the near zero stretch of Stealth, anglers should back off the power when setting the hook. A lighter action rod is also encouraged.

Available in 1500-yd and 300-yd spools, moss green. Line strengths range from a 10 lb test line with 2-lb test monofilament diameter to a 80 lb test line with 17 lb test monofilament diameter.

Features include:
  • No whip-knots
  • High knot strength
  • Smooth casting
  • Teflon® pressure-treated
  • Near zero stretch
  • High test vs. low diameter
  • 1500-yd and 300-yd spools
  • Colors:  Moss green

Lb. Test Spool Size (Approx. Yardage)
Test 300 Yds. Equiv. Mono. Dia, lbs. Price Color
10 lb 300 2 $21.00 moss green
15 lb 300 4 $21.00 moss green
20 lb 300 6 $21.00 moss green
30 lb 300 8 $21.00 moss green
50 lb 300 12 $21.00 moss green
65 lb 300 15 $25.00 moss green
80 lb 300 17 $29.00 moss green

NEW Spiderwire® Ultracast™ Invisi-Braid Braided Fishing Line

Spiderwire® Ultracast™ Invisi-Braid 300 YD Spools

NEW 2008 - The worlds VERY BEST braided line, just became the worlds very first TRANSLUCENT braided fishing line! Spiderwire® Ultracast™ Invisi-Braid's patented translucency technology makes this line the nearest thing to clear and invisible. AMAZING! Spiderwire® Ultracast™ is the BEST braided fishing line ever made PERIOD! In addition to it's translucency, Ultracast™ Invisi-Braid outcasts, and outlasts all the competitors. Unlike the other braids, Ultracast® requires no break-in period. It is limp and ready-to-fish right out of the box. It's stronger, smoother, and much more durable, while still amazingly thin and sensitive. With Spiderwire®, Nothing Get's Away.

Invisi Braid Line 300 Yard Spools in Test 6-8-10-15-20-30-50
PRICE $37.00 each
Effective date Jan. 1 thru Sept. 5, 2008. on line at

A superline that has it all!
Introducing New Stren Super Braid with Advanced Microbond Technology
This remarkable line offers all the super line qualities that fishermen demand - like superior strength and sensitivity, plus several important characteristics that most other braids can't match. Stren Super Braid features unmatched handling and casting performance. The line resists fraying and fading; knots cinch down tight. The result is a line that performs  beautifully, casts effortlessly, and maintains its roundness and extraordinary strength longer.

Line Colors

Advanced MicroBond Technology - Allows for a smooth, round, compact line that maintains its body & shape.
Cast & Handles Like A Dream - The round construction allows the line to behave better even on spinning reels.
High Knot Strength & Bonding - Knots tie easily, bond tightly, and won't slip out

New Stren Super Braid Lines - Rated Best Braided Line.
Spools 125 Yards in Green in 6-10-20-30-50-65-80 Test $16.00 Each.
Spools 300 Yards in Green in 6-10-20-30-50-65-80 Test $30.00 Each.
Spools 1200 Yards in Green in 6-10-20-30 Test $99.00 Each.
Spools 1200 Yards in Green in 50-65 Test $119.00 Each.
Spools 1200 Yards in Green in 80 Test $127.00 Each.

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